26 September 2013

silk cherub cowl top

I am not usually the silk blouse type. But when I saw this incredible silk charmeuse on Goldhawk Road I could not pass it by --

You may recognise it... have a look at the top of the page (I had to immortalise its greatness somehow)! It is a Marmite fabric, I will admit: you either think it's wonderful in its audacity and over-the-topness, or you think it's utterly vile. I am in the first camp.

Now, if I were still a lucky student with May balls to go to after my exams this would definitely have been transformed into a full-length, jaw-dropping, OMG-is-she-really-wearing-that?! dress. Instead however, I decided to make a sleeveless blouse with a cowl front to show off the beautiful softly draping quality of the fabric.

Paired with what a friend refers to as my butcher's skirt.
No animals were harmed in the wearing of this skirt.

Side seam detail: French seams and inner facing
I made a deep facing inside the top so that when the cowl drapes you can't see the back of the fabric. It also gives the cowl a little more body so it sits better. I used a facing on the back too so that when the shoulders are pushed back--because this is definitely a top for good posture!--there is no naff back of the fabric on show. A facing at the back solved the problem of how to finish the curved neckline. I was reluctant to use bias binding to cover the raw edge as it would have made the pattern look fussy at the top and I didn't want to do a bias binding facing as I didn't want any stitching visible on the outside. 

View of front inside facing
View of back inside facing. The back has two tiny darts at the armhole on the top and the facing.

I managed to avoid fitting a zip (which would be bulky on this delicate fabric) as the cowl leaves enough wiggle room to pull it over the shoulders. The top looks great tucked in but is a little baggy otherwise. If I were to make this project again I think I would make the cowl slightly less roomy and make the tummy area more fitted, and I would acquiesce to fitting a zip in the side seam. But for now, I am very pleased with my continental spectacle (these images don't show it but there's a Monet's water lilies-esque section on another part of the print as well as the Italian cherubs). I just wish all my whole wardrobe had such a sense of decadence, as well as such a sense of humour, as this top. 

That's all for now folks!

Alix x

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