2 August 2013

beach dress + holiday

Another summer, another trip to France. And as every woman knows, a holiday calls for a whole new wardrobe. Well, all the summer clothes I prematurely bought in April finally saw the light of day, but I also whipped up a beach dress after finding some fantastic abstract print cotton voile on a trip to Goldhawk Road (for me, a holiday in itself).

The beach dress at Argeles Plage, France

Taken in the lady of the manor's bedroom in the chateau (more about that below!)

I designed the dress primarily with the beach in mind. It had to be long to cover up sun-beaten skin but very light and airy. I wanted to be able to pull it on easily so it had to be free of fiddly fastenings (I figured a zip would have been too stiff and heavy for the fabric any way). Hence why I chose to make a tube with an elasticated waist and a simple tie up halterneck. I chose a halter neck design to compliment my bikini. I always wear halter neck bikinis and now I am further bound to that with this beach dress: I don't know about you but I think there is no greater sartorial clumsiness than a halter neck with bra straps showing!

* * *

But enough about the dress. Check out the chateau I was lucky enough to stay in for four nights--

What I learnt is that living the life of a princess really is tiring. It's no wonder princesses seem to spend their whole time swooning or bolstered by a mass of feather pillows in splendid four-poster beds. It just takes so long to get around the house! A chateau is not a place in which to forget something upstairs. By the time you get back downstairs a few hundred endangered species will have died out.

Where's Wolly - can you spot me? 
I'm on the right, middle window ;)



  1. Hi, Do you have any instructions for the lining of the knitting bag- even a rough clue. I'd love to make it for my little girl for Xmas but I am only just starting out. Thanks Caroline

    1. Hi Caroline,

      I did another knitting bag experiment recently and I think the easiest way, if you're a beginner, is to work with the outer shell and lining as one piece and then finish the raw edges on the inside with bias binding. This gives the lining stability as it is attached to the outer shell and is the finish I've seen in a lot of shop bought knitting bags. I'll post some photos of the latest bag next week and explain how I made it.

      Hope this helps!

      Alix x