6 February 2013

the duffel bag

A while back I posted about making a duffel bag. Well, here it is!

My favourite detail is definitely the corded loop pocket. My boyfriend, who this was a present for, loves the Scandinavian inspired pairing of red with greyish beige (I refuse to refer to it as 'greige') and light wood toggles. The outer fabric is twill, and inside the red lining is a garbardine. The beigey fabric is also garbardine. I think that the weave in both these fabrics provides interest, texture and a bit of a formal twist on a casual rucksack.

Inside on the back wall is a cotton elasticated pocket for books and notepads, and a zip compartment for keys, phone and wallet, or travel documents. Outside, the smaller pockets are closed with magnetic poppers and the large pocket with a loop and toggle. The pockets are lined with a red medium-weight cotton. The top of the bag has eyelets all the way round laced with a cord that draws the bag closed. The flap is closed by a loop and toggle.

Next time, a breakdown of how you go about making your own duffel bag.

Alix x

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