10 January 2013

Holiday snaps & Paris fabric shopping

Long time no blog, friends: I apologise. To start catching you up on the last six months, here are some holiday snaps and some reminiscing about far-flung fabric hunting excursions.

One of the beautiful stained glass windows in the Notre Dame

One of the thousands of 'love locks' on the Pont de l'Archevêché

In the gardens at Versailles

And, of course, the Eiffel Tower
Sewing rules my life. Even on holiday. This is why I was delighted to find an apartment from which you could see the very top of the roof of the Sacré Coeur, because this could mean only one thing: fabric shopping every day. My top picks for shops were:

Sacré Coupons
4 bis rue d'Orsel
'Sacré' [sacred] indeed. One might even say 'Sacré bleu!' This place has a very healthy selection of wool coating and suiting towards the back. All the fabrics are end of bolt pieces folded and (surprisingly neatly) stacked. And this is why I like this shop: unlike the fabric megastores such as Tissus Reines, you can still feel like you are a fearsome fabric warrior hunting for the ultimate bargain. A couple of doors down is a shop specialising in hides with lots of beautiful, saturated colours, but I forgot to take the name of that one!

Dam Boutons
46 rue d'Orsel
I found this shop completely by accident on my final morning in Paris. Oh wow. There must have been over 1000 types of buttons, all arranged by colour: it is a buttons and fastenings Mecca for the OCD among us. They stock some bag fasteners too, such as tuck-tite clips.

Marché Saint-Pierre
2 rue Charles Nodier
The half size mannequins showing off fabrics in carefully crafted mini outfits are worth a visit in themselves. There is a selection of Liberty prints (although current season stuff doesn't seem to make it into their selection quickly) if you feel homesick. But the best bit is the fabrics behind the counters. Fancy lace, beaded fabrics, fringed fabrics, even full-on feathered fabrics. Worth a look if you want to splash the cash on something special, or just plain crazy!

Alix x

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