1 July 2012

LCF: Customised pattern cutting & fitting 1

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Tomorrow is the start of a very exciting week for me. This week I have signed up to one of the London College of Fashion's short summer courses. I've got my materials from the list sent to me (although I think that for the rather hefty sum paid they could at least include 2H pencils on the house!) and I'm ready to take on customised pattern cutting! Whoop! I shall report back on what I learn, and what I draft. 

The details on LCF's website state that you can make a dress, skirt, shirt or trouser block. Now I think a skirt block is so simple it's hardly worth the money. And I have a dress block. So... do I go for a trouser or a shirt block? My thrifty side is shouting 'shirt' very loudly, as this seems like the best value for money. But my practical side is saying that I'll get more use out of a trouser block. Unless shirt blocks are adapted to make jackets? Then that is value for money. I shall ask tomorrow, but I think I'm leaning towards trousers. 

I am also hoping to get some good info on adapting my block to different styles. I want to leave with a pattern for some mid-rise cigarette trousers, such as these--

ASOS Belted Peg Trouser with Turn Up
And I have just seen that our teacher, Dennic Chunman Lo is a freelance pattern cutter for Asos - maybe he designed these! 

Tomorrow it will be hard to contain my excitement and nerves as I am placed in a room of fellow sewing-crazy people (I guess it's a bit like the first day of school). Surrounded on all sides by my own kind! I will endeavour of course to remain demure and studious although I am worried I will be starstruck when I meet Dennic and will call him something ridiculous like 'your highness' and then blush and all my classmates will label me the weird one.

Before this gets out of hand, that's all for now folks!

Alix xxx

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