25 February 2012

Welcome to The Dodo's New Clothes

So, welcome to my first blog post on The Dodo's New Clothes! Perhaps I should start by explaining the name--

My boyfriend does the most uncanny and very funny impression of a dodo--well, at least of what I imagine a dodo would be like if they were still around. Just over a year ago I made him a sleepsuit. He's a big guy and the shops don't sell baby leisure wear in size XXL. I made it out of red fleece with black skulls and crossbones... Never has anything been so tamely wild! And I was reminded of how much joy a simple sewing project could bring not only to me, but also to the recipients of giant onesies! The blog is another way for me to share my love of sewing, and hopefully to share what I've learned, what I've made and what I would love to know how to do.

Now to the writer--

My name is Alix, I'm in my final year of university and caught the sewing bug when I made my first project with my au pair who had been a tailor. I studied textiles at school, but for a couple of years after that I managed to forget all about sewing. *Gasp*, I know--how could I?! But one summer, very bored I thought about my old friend. I approached him tentatively, fearing he might be angry about the blatant neglect he had suffered over the past two years. "Hey, Silver 2001, I know we've drifted recently, but I miss you. Will you help me out on a dress I'd like to make?" He didn't move, not even a flicker. I took his silence as tacit agreement.

Now that Silver and I are friends again, I've been trying out all sorts of projects that I want to show you. As well as sewing, I have recently rediscovered knitting, and have tried my hand at cross stitch (only of the subversive kind, I hasten to add).

So once again, hello, welcome and enjoy!

Alix xxx

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